Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day with Friends

Today I went on a jaunt with friends, 3 of whom are in my Quilting Crit group, Tina, Kate and Cathy. Tina invited a friend to join us, although Tina and her friend thought we were going someplace else.  This, of course, caused a brief stop at the side of the road between Bedford and Concord, MA until we figured that one out. 

We went to Quilters Way in West Concord, MA

image from Quilters Way website

Of course, there wasn't any snow, actually it was 90 degrees.  I bought a book on making pincushions.

image from

Next we drove to Nancy's Airfield Cafe in Stow, MA.  I had to soup of the day, creamy mexican flavored soup with corn and beans.  I also had the Ploughman's Lunch - A hunk of bread, Vermont Cheddar, Wild Blueberry Chutney and a small garden salad.  Yum Yum.

Then we drove down the road to The Quilted Crow where I found crushed walnut shells for the innards of pin cushions.  I can't wait to start making them.

Then we went back to Bedford to have ice cream at the Bedford Creamery.

A very nice day.