Friday, October 13, 2006

Day 276, October 3rd


Day 277, October 4th

Flying to Portland, Oregon for Art & Soul

Day 278, October 5th

Day 1 at Art & Soul
Leslie Riley - Stitched! Exploring Fabric Books and Diane Twedt - Monoprint Magnifique

Day 279, October 6th

Day 2 at Art & Soul
Phoenix Forrester - Luminous Collaging Techniques

Paris When It Sparkles

Garden Memories

Fatigue Poisons

Day 280, October 7th

Day 3 at Art & Soul
My sister and I went antiquing in the Sellwood and Westmoreland communities. We ate a great lunch at Caprial's Bistro and then went to Collage, a great collage and art store in the Alberta Street district. In the evening we went to the Paris Flea Market at Art & Soul and bought wonderful stuff.

Day 281, October 8th

Day 4 at Art & Soul, Leslie Parsons - Tissue Paper Collage on Canvas and Diane Downs - Transfers & Transparencies.

Olden Times, from Transfers and Transparencies

Day 283, October 9th

Day 5 at Art & Soul
Lesley Riley - Transfer Master Class

On Vacation
One of my digital collages, transfered to painted fabric.

Day 284, October 10th

Flying home from Art & Soul

Day 285, October 11th


Day 286, October 12th


Day 287, October 13th

Rooster Matches

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Day 269, September 26th

Emerald Forest

Day 270, September 27th

Art Class

Day 271, September 28th

Boarding House

Day 272, September 29th


Day 273, September 30th


Day 274, October 1st

Golden Peacock

Day 275, October 2nd

Two Birds in a nest

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Day 268, September 25th