Monday, June 22, 2009

Women of Letters Reception

June 13th was the Artist Reception for my show "Women of
Letters".  It was great and although we didn't sell anything on
Saturday, my compatriot, Mary Hart, sold 2 of my pieces on Sunday and
one of hers.  Yeah!  We are hoping for more sales this weekend.  If you
are in the area of Lowell, MA please drop by Ayer Lofts Gallery, 172
Middle Street, Lowell between noon and 4pm.

Here are some new images from before and during the reception.

Whole gallery from back wall

Food and drinks table in the hall outside the gallery

oh I do hate to be photographed.  You don't see the glass of wine in my
other hand giving me courage. 

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kim said...

this looks wonderful! i'm sad that chattanooga is such a long way away from boston:( love your work!