Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Day Three

Well, I'm a little late posting Day Three. I was away most of yesterday, so that when I came home, I only had the energy to create a digital collage. This one includes a photo of my cat Mouse, and scans of various ephemera. I then did some digital enhancements to the final collage.

Various people asked me about using the Shiva Paintstiks. Cedar Canyon Textiles has some good instructions. Also there are some useful books that give a lot of information and techniques.

Some Notes from my experience:

1. I have used the paintstik directly on fabric, but I generally use a stencil brush and a stencil or masking tape.

2. The paintstiks get a hard shell on them, so that each time you use them you have to shave off the hard shell with a knife. I keep a cheap little paring knife with my paintstiks. I'll try to post pictures of my technique at some point.

3. If I'm going to mix colors, I put the lightest color down first. The painted designs in the quilt shown earlier in the blog all started with white paintstik.

I'm working on Day Four now.

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Gabriella Travaline said...

I was enjoying myself browsing your blog, enjoying all your wonderful art-SO diverse!-when I swa this post about your cat,Mouse! He looks exactly like my cat,Evan, who is sitting in my lap right now trying to type!!! He ALSO sits between the keyboard and the monitor as well as a few other places around the computer when I'm working!! Wish I could post a photo! Oh well! I just joined Collage with Claudine which is where I saw your blog! I'll see you around there!