Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day One Hundred Eight, April 19th

Memories of Emma


Anonymous said...

Karen your work is beautiful. Some of it very distant and haunting or somber. Is all your work digital? For me to get started in digital, what do I need? I see your posts on Claudines site. Thanks Lynnette April.

Karen said...

Thank you very much for your kind praise.

To start out you need:

1. A reasonably good graphics program - Photoshop Elements is a good start unless you have something better. Also, get a good book that teaches the artistic features of the product. I have a bunch of programs because I do website work as well. I also use Painter IX a lot. It really is an artist based graphics program, you can paint just like you would with a real paintbrush. For all of these programs I suggest a graphics tablet, I have a Wacom Graphire. The set includes a mouse for almost everything and a pen for drawing. For fine editing or drawing it is a must and much more intuitive than using a mouse.

2. A scanner. I happen to have 2, an Epson CX6600 all in one printer that includes a scanner and an HP flatbed where I can also scan slides.

2. Tons of digital images. Sources:
• You can make your own by scanning your old photos
• Subscribe to a Clipart service, I use 2 the biggest is and the other is . is a site where you subscribe for a set period of time and can download anything. They have fonts as well. On Dreamstime , you buy credits which decrease as you download.
• Be careful about copyright issues; don’t scan magazine images and stuff.
• I buy lots of ephemera on ebay, old letters, old photos, old forms and documents which I also scan.

Good luck let me know if I missed anything.