Saturday, December 31, 2005

Day One

This is my first entry in the my new blog. I joined Daily Devotions 365 and thought this would be a great way to keep me on track creating art every day.

Today was snowy and cold, a good day to stay indoors and make art. I started by marking and sewing lines of demarcation on an overdyed damask napkin and batting. The next step is to add hand embroidery, beads and other surface design stuff.

The next project was to decorate the cover of my journal for this project , I will post pictures as soon as I can.

My cat, whose name is Mouse, sits between the key board and computer monitor, keeping me company. The picture to the left was digitally enhanced.

Here is a Haiku I wrote about her.

silly cat dozing
rolls over invites a rub
suddenly sharp claws


Donna said...

I love all of your pieces especially your Kitty. You seem to have really good color sense and that is so important. Looking forward to your other work.

Donna Elio

Karen said...

Thank you very much, I love your work too.

Rythan said...

As a person with six felines, I find your Haiku most correct.

Your work is fantastic, I shall have me wife look at your blog, I think she will enjoy your work as much as I.